Help needed , Own cloud not getting installed on rockon , tried multiple times but not showing in installed TAB


@dolphy_lobo, welcome to Rockstor’s community forums.
Could you tell us which version of Rockstor you’re running (either through the Shell-in-a-Box on the WebUI or if you have direct access to the server, from the command line):

yum info rockstor

Also, in the “All” tab, when you look at the OwnCloud entry, it usually states whether there has been an issue with the installation (underneath the RockOn title).


@Hooverdan , Thank you for your reply.
I am running Rockstor 3.9.1 on Oracle VMware.
I tried to install on webUI- Under all tab - Own cloud- created share - then installation ( It is showing installing but after few minutes no installation anywhere.Nothing in installed TAB.

I have direct access to command line.