HELP! Rollback button is grayed out

Hi people! I need help. How to rollback snapshot of share. I installed latest one Rockstor core, setup networking, set up user for Web-UI, in Web-GUI I created pool, in pool create share. After that I export that share via samba export. Than create snapshot, put some stuff in share then create again snapshot. After that I put some more stuff and create again snapshot. After that I delete samba export, and go to share snapshot, select snapshot but button rollback is disabled. Why??? Where I wrong…

@cedomirgajic welcome to the Rockstor community. I have not had to use the rollback options on my snapshots yet, so I am not sure, but on my system it seems that if the snapshots have been set up as read-only (meaning the writable flag in the WebUI has not been set) you can’t roll them back from the WebUI.

Let’s hope, somebody else on the forum probably has more experience in this area and can further elaborate what the restriction might be.

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