Hi all, new from freenas

I’m coming from freenas, i have an hdd 320GB for s.o. and 2 hdd 2TB for films and tv series.
There’s a way to install Rockstor without losing my files?
I mean the hdd’s in freenas can be read from Rock?

ty all

Rockstor uses a different disk format than FreeNAS and there is no in-place converter, so that doesn’t work.

Oh wait, there is an in-place conversion to btrfs (see http://man7.org/linux/man-pages/man8/btrfs-convert.8.html) but not from ZFS, if you used that with FreeNAS. However, it would not seem wise to me to attempt such conversions without having a backup of the data. And if there is such a backup, you could just copy the files from there.


Having trouble finding sources at the moment, however I believe from previous research that btrfs-convert is no longer considered stable or good practice. I would avoid it if possible.