Home assistant and USB bluetooth

I have USB bluetooth on the host system. It is defined as hci0. It works and find other BT devices. Ok.

But i have to get it inside Docker Home Assistant through -v /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro.

How I can do it on Rock-ons?

At this moment this is not possible using the Rockstor UI.

You can do this in Docker directly by SSH-ing into the Rockstor host. Please note that this setting will not be retained in the Rockstor database, so in case of a recovery you will have to add this path again manually.


@stitch10925 thanks for sharing that trick. Is it a matter of adding this to the Rockon definition (as a bluetooth “volume”) or does it also require other pre-requisites (mostly asking because I saw some home assistant thread where additional packages required to be installed for it to work, e.g. dbus-broker, bluetooth proxy), though from your above comment it sounds it doesn’t require that.

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To be honest, I don’t know about the Bluetooth aspect. I was only replying to the fact that OP wanted to load an extra volume in the Rock-on.

If adding the volume is the only thing needed to get the Rock-on working properly, then yes, it could be added to the Rock-on definition. Only thing I don’t know is Home Assistant will react if you map the volume but there is no Bluetooth device.


excuse me for the my stupid question.
how I can add this path without restart or rebuild HA container?

I unsuccessfully try to find docker update setting.

Unfortunately you can’t. You will either have to stop the container and start it again with the new path.

What you could also try, is to uninstall the Rockon, edit the Rockon JSON to include a new path value for the USB Bluetooth and then install the Rockon using the updated JSON. I think @Flox can give some more insights into this.



I’m afraid @stitch10925 is correct here; we don’t support adding custom volume binds post-install yet, but I would love to see that.

Now, for Home Assistant, we can consider adding that volume bind to the Rock-On as an "opt". Does anyone know if adding /run/dbus:/run/dbus:ro can break something for those who wouldn’t need access to Bluetooth devices?