Host alow / Host deny - Extra security

Good day.

I want to know if it is possible to set a host allow / host deny option in the custom config under my samba shares and what the config should look like?
I want to add additional security by having to add the user and the device ip that wants to access the samba share.

I have tried the config from as below

# Networking configuration options
hosts allow = 192.168.220.xxxxx(this is where I put the user ip) 134.213.233.
hosts deny = (Ip of device I want to block)
interfaces = (my machines interface ip)
bind interfaces only = yes

I have tried his but it does not work :confused:

Can such a feature be implemented in a future update perhaps where you get two blocks named host allow and host deny and you just punch in the IP’s seperated by a comma or space?

This is all I need to Complete my Nas setup the way I want.

PS: I Donatated $10 for yesterdays fix (Its not much but our currency exchange rate is messed up atm. due to our struggeling economy) :smiley: you guys are great and heading in the right direction.

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Ok so I managed to get it to work.

I was connectiing to my nas servers on another network via a vpn connection and instead of using my VPN Ip I used my local ip.

I reconfigured my samba config to look like this

# Networking configuration options
hosts allow =

hosts deny =

interfaces =
bind interfaces only = yes

and it seems to work now :smiley:

A host allow host deny block would still be awesome though :smiley:

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