How about adding lancachenet to the Rock-ons

How about adding lancachenet docker container to the Rock-ons.

@william Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

Our Rock-ons are predominantly community contributed. Take a looks at our following doc section:

as that is intended to step folks through contributing Rock-ons that they would like to see available. And if they are not ultimately adopted you can always install and run them via the local repo option. Many forum members have now developed Rock-ons, so always worth asking questions if you get stuck.

The official Rock-ons themselves are developed in the following GitHub repository:

Each Rock-on definition is a single json file. So you can look for similar Rock-on implementations in the repository as a starting point: once you have selected an appropriate docker image that is.

Hope that helps.


I remember, some time ago there was a thread on this, but I don’t think it ever came to fruition at that time. Maybe the json sample I posted there can be still be a starting point. But much might have changed in the ensuing 3 years.