How can I passtrough External WebDAV as a share?

Hii there,

we have setup the network on my work to enable WebDAV shares.
Now I have a rockstor NAS running in my home, and I want to take the WebDAV from my work’s place, and send it out as a share/export to my devices.
Is this possible?
so yes, any guides?
So no, Why not?

I know it can be a security issue, but it’s not a big deal. I can only access my own files on the WebDAV server.
It would be nice because then I can send the WebDAV share trough NFS/Samba to my other machines so I can work easier (not all of the devices like WebDAV)

Your question is if you can connect any WebDAV to your NAS? Or make it part of BTRFS?
Best solution at this moment:

  1. Use the OwnClowd (NextClowd) Rock-ON.
  2. Connect OwnCloud to your WebDAV services (including google-drive and dropbox), and manage them from there
  3. Config your Owncloud share in a way, that it is accessible via NFS/Samba or any other Rockstor services/Rock-ONs

In the meanwhile, I ditched my NAS (it was just plain dying…) for a simple Synology box.
Hoever, my intentions where to follow this schematic: (rough lines)
WebDAV Server —WebDav—> RockStor NAS —SMB/NFS/AFS—> Phone/Laptop/Workstation