How do I change the mount point in an existing Rock-on?

Hi all!

After re-installing SABnzbd, Radarr, and Sonarr after a disk failure I realized that I mapped my movies folder as /Movies to SABnzbd but Radarr forces me to use /movies (there is no option to name the mount point when installing the Rock-on, it defaults to /movies).

As I’m not especially keen on re-configuring SABnzbd I tried to simply remove the mount point from the Rock-on using the Rockstor UI but that was a no go. I then figured out where the Docker config files for Radarr are located and updated those to use /Movies but as soon as I restart the container it still uses /movies.

By now it’d been faster to reinstall SABnzbd but by now it’s also a matter of principle - I want to know how to change the mount point. :slight_smile:

Is there a way, be it through the UI or the CLI, to change this?

@MainrtNr5 Hello again.

Uninstalling and then re-installing is currently the only way to change a system mount point. The internal mount points within the docker image are constrained to what they themselves expect. But the ‘external’ Rockstror share the internal docker image directores mount to is set during install and can’t be changed later. You can add custom ones via the spanner if enabled fro that Rock-on but you can’t change the initially configured ones. This helps to keep things simple, and ends up fairly practical since it’s often pretty quick to un-install and re-install. The browser cache will often auto-fill the same fields with what was entered previously of course, but that can easily be changed and depends on the browser used and if it has auto-fill enabled.

Hope that helps.


Hi @phillxnet!

Thanks, then I know to not bother looking anymore. :slight_smile: