How do I recover the activation license to the 1-year subscription?

It turns out that I need to migrate my rockstor system to another server but I do not have the email sent when I bought the license, so I do not know how to recover it.

@Daniel_Duran Welcome to the Rockstor community.

To retrieve you existing activation code from your current install you can run the following command as the root user:

cat /etc/yum.repos.d/Rockstor-Stable.repo | sed -n '/^baseurl/p' | sed 's/.*:\(.*\)@updates.*/\1/'

and your appliance id is displayed on the page presented when you click on the “Hostname” link; top left of Web-UI:


However if you are also moving your system disk over to the new machine, and so not re-installing, then everything should hopefully pick up where you left off; ie see the following thread:

But if you have to re-install then your new motherboard will in turn lead to a new appliance ID which will no longer match your current activation code; which means you will have to email support (see Web page for email) and request the activation code be moved over to the new appliance number. This process is arcane for both users and developers alike; see the referenced thread above for our plans to resolve this finally.

So short of it is, if you are moving the system disk also then your current install will maintain it’s current appliance id and activation status. If you are re-installing on a different motherboard your current activation code wont work as it is a pair with your current install appliance id. But having the activation code might help with it’s move over to your new Appliance ID so it might be as well to retrieve it just in case.

Hope that helps, and remember not to post either your activation code or appliance id in the forum, unless it’s via a pm. Just in case.

Thanks for helping to support Rockstors development via a stable subscription by the way. And apologies for the re-install inconvenience (when changing motherboards) it causes, but I am working on that as my current project via a self serve Web app to edit ones own appliance ids. Sorry to all our stable subscribers it’s taken so long to get started on this facility.


If I want to run 2 rockstor at the same time. Do I have to pay another year subscription?

@burnbum55, fundamentally, the stable subscription is per appliance, and of course is very much appreciated by the team to fund the resources needed to do development, testing, storage, this forum, what have you. At this time, the existing subscription revenue does not cover those expenses, which is also one of the reasons for the partnership with the OpenCollective (see link above), but still that does not cover everything either.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention, that you can also run Rockstor using the testing channel for application updates. which in turn does not require a license (in the spirit of open source).

The non-Rockstor updates will be available and applied no matter what license is being used as those come from upstream repositories and are driven by the underlying OpenSUSE platform.

If you run the Rockstor instances in a production setting, of course the stable subscription is highly recommended.