How to add multi share to minio?

When I installed Minio from Rockons.It’s just add one share to minio.If I has multi shares.How to add it?

@akong Hello there.

This Rock-on does have a write up here:
But I think, as is, it does not allow adding of additional mappings.

You could take a look at it’s own documentation linked in the above. But I think from a quick look this is a simple arrangement intended to share a single storage object (read bucket), the /data bit (see below Rock-on definition file, which we then map to a single share (btrfs subvolume).

It may be that you could create your own customised variant of this Rock-on named differently that has multiple share mapping capability. I’ve not looked into if the docker image supports more than one however. It may be that it can do multiple server entries. I’m not familiar myself with this docker image.

Hope that helps.

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