How to add USB 3.0 to Asrock Avoton SOC motherboards? (C2750D4I or C2550D4I)

Sorry if it has already been asked/discussed.
I was interested in building an homeNAS with Rockstor by using one of those Asrock server motherboards with Atom Avoton SOC (the C2750D4I or C2550D4I model). Those boards don’t offer any USB 3.0 port but have a PCIe 2.0 x 8 expansion slot: please will I be able to use that for adding a card with those ports (I need them for backing up on external drives).

Thanks a lot for any suggestion

I think you should be. I do have the C2550D4I mobo and ordered a PCIe USB card. I can confirm in a few days.

Going slightly off topic.

@suman does your KVMoIP work?

I’m having “fun” with mine not displaying the video output most of the time, pretty sure it’s some Java related issue.

mine works fine (same mb as suman)

Interesting , I accidentally connected to mine using HTTPS just now and it actually worked for once (It’s on a private management vlan) .

@suman did the usb 3.0 card work?