How to back up my NAS appliance?

I added 36TB, thinking that I would be good for a year. But our work already filled out most of the spaces. We are not properly organized to identify the files to delete. This leaves me to back up all the data to permanent storage off the NAS appliance. We determined that we could recover 13 TB of space if we migrated unused resources. Due to compliance reasons, I can’t put this content on an external online database. Given that background story, how to back this up?

  1. Should I create a parallel appliance with moderate system configuration and use replication techniques? or
  2. Use off-the-shelf HDD drives for backup? or
  3. Are there anything else that is much better than those two choices?

From your post I get the impression that your Rockstor appliance is being used in a commercial environment? Do you not already have effective regular backups in place for your data?
I’d suggest another appliance and use either the built in replication, or my preference would be to use the simpler rsync.

In my home setup I use the latter, and have nightly rsync backups. In addition to this, weekly backups are done to a separate NAS.
All my photos are additionally backed up online.
Overkill perhaps for a home setup, but once bitten twice shy :slight_smile:


I have my home NAS (raid 1) rsynced to offsite NAS (raid 0) nightly.