How to disable port 80 and redirection to https?

Hello there,

I am trying to set up reverse proxies via nginx-proxy-manager, and I am having troubles setting port 80 for it, because Rockstor’s nginx is using it.

Even though I have changed port 80 → 89 in nginx.conf/.default and reloaded nginx, it still uses port 80.
Even if I kill all nginx services and let the supervisor to bring it back, it will still use port 80.

Many users had solutions in pre-SUSE era, but they don’t work anymore.


@aremiaskfa Hello again.

In the more recent versions of Rocsktor (testing) we use a systemd configuration override arrangement.

Take a look at the following pull request:

Where we updated this files name to 30-rockstor-nginx-override.conf

As you see in that file we start nginx with the following directive:

So changing the /opt/rockstor/etc/nginx/nginx.conf file on your system may do the trick for you.

Hope that helps.


Nice. I will wait for the update. Thanks

@aremiaskfa Hello again.

The referenced files/mechnisms are actually all already in place within our testing channel. So if you are already running that then you can steam-in with altering the referenced files and let us know if this worked for your.

Hope that helps.