How to disable SSL?

Hello, i would like to log into web browser via chrome, but now is impossible on ssl 443 port (err bad cert). Only firefox runs ok. I want to connect via simply www 80 port without ssl. How can i do it?

That might be a bit of a hack to do, it might be easier to add the certificate to your OS’s certificate store. How this works depends on your OS (macos, linux, windows), but if you go to your Chrome options and search for “ssl” there, there should be an option to add the certificate.

Thanks for reply, but first i dont have ssl cert, and machine only works in local network, not at all on internet, so i completly dont need ssl, i want to run in chome, thats all.

You do have an SSL cert, Rockstor creates a self-signed cert on install, which can be replaced with another cert later on.
The Rockstor UI service won’t start without an SSL cert.

This stackoverflow post should give you an idea of where to start to install Rockstor’s self signed certificate into your browser to prevent the warnings, see the first answer.

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