How to force DHCP IP renewal?

On my router I decided to change my rockstor box from DHCP to a fixed IP address (DHCP reservation).
Afterwards, I connected to the box and executed the following 2 commands:

dhclient -r

Afterwards, I could only connect to the WebUIs of 2 of 6 RockOns: Jellyfin and Pi-Hole.
From the rest of them (Omada Controller, Sonarr, Radarr, Transmission), I have gotten a ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT error.

A quick reboot fixed it back into shape.

So my question now is: what have I done wrong and what is the correct way to force a DHCP IP renewal? :slight_smile:


@aremiaskfa, since both Jellyfin and Pi-Hole rely on the net=host option in their definition they have the immediate benefit of the host adapter’s new IP.
While I am not entirely sure, but I believe to address the other Rockons (which rely on the Docker Networking) you might have to restart the docker service. The easiest way to do that without causing havoc is probably the quick reboot (which is what you did) …
but I let @Flox or @phillxnet chime in here, if they have a better answer.