How To Install RockStor on RackSpace Shared Hosting

Based on these posts:

a) Rockstor on vanilla CentOS 7?


I get the idea that I ought to be able to install RockStor on RackSpace Shared Hosting. The instructions seem daunting at first glance, but I’d like to have a go at it nevertheless.

So I’m wondering if there are additional resources which could help me do so? Are these the right procedures, or is there additional documentation?

Has anyone used these as a guideline recently, & can I expect success following these instructions? Does anyone have comments / tips / advice that would help, based on current releases- even if it’s to reduce the anxiety & stress of installing this way?

I’ve only been with RackSpace a couple days, & haven’t seen a way to use a custom iso- don’t think that’s supported if I understand correctly.

I’m doubtful you will find any specific resources on this, Rackspace is rarely mentioned in this community.

I can’t come up with any reasons why it wouldn’t work on a VPS, but then again I can’t come up with any reasons why you would want to host Rockstor on a VPS let alone Rackspace since it’s probably one of the more expensive ones.

TIP: To boot, try using this tutorial and creating a volume of the Rockstor bootable image, I’ve looked at doing this on DigitalOcean but never actually got around to trying it -

Rockstor is a storage appliance that has it’s own operating system (Well it’s actually Centos), you can’t use it on shared hosting, you could use it on something like a VPS/Dedicated server providing the provider lets you load your own ISO’s

I never knew that I can go with the digitalOcean and rackspace all together. I have also availed digitalOcean managed server by a third party platform named Cloudways. So, Is their any room for me as I am not using DigitalOcean server directly.