How to install this thing in vmware?

Tried both 3.9 and 4.
For v4 (opensuse, it gets stuck at loading initrd, I have a Ryzen 9 5900hx cpu).

For v3.9 I got this:

@kundeng welcome to the Rockstor community. Do you get the same ignoredisk issue when trying the 4.x install? Since 3.9 is now really legacy, we should focus on trying to get you to a successful 4.x installation.
Could you share a bit more about your vmware configuration settings? That might trigger someone’s memory from their vmware installation experience.
I usually use Virtualbox for test installations, so I am not very experienced in the VMWare space, though I imagine that there are many similarities.


In the Rockstor docs for Virtual Machine installations there is a small comment about the above error message, connected to a setting on the VM (in this case it’s KVM, but maybe VMWare has similar options):,of%20vda%20(a%20virtio%20block%20device).

N.B. in the above we have changed what was Disk 1 to the required SATA Disk 1 by changing its “Disk bus” in Advanced options to SATA and then clicking on Apply. This is necessary as otherwise the Red Hat Kickstart semi-automated installer process can fail to identify the default KVM drive type of vda (a virtio block device).

If during Rockstor installation you receive a “Specified nonexistent disk sda in ignoredisk command”, then look to this last setting.