How to reinstall rockon

Hi all,
after first istallation I wrongly delete all snapshot of rockon system share so now none of installed rockon is working.
trying to reinstall the single rockons doesn’t work.
In some post i see it’s possible to delete all rockon with a script and reinstall.

Can some one help describing how to delete rockons system?


Welcome to the Rockstor community forum Antonio,
can you point to the thread(s) that reference the deletion/reinstall with a script?
In general, you might have to use the docker commands via SSH to remove the existing docker containers, before you can trigger the the reinstall using rockstor UI.

Thanks Hoverdan,
can you link one of those threads explaining which script and how to execute it?

@arolli and @Hooverdan I can chip in on this one:

The following post gives an example of how to use the delete-rockon script which is intended for just this kind of situation, ie the accidental deletion of docker associated snapshots:

visiting that thread directly will give better formatting of the info there.

We recognise that not surfacing/indicating the rock-on/docker related snapshots is a usability failure on Rockstor’s part and we have a couple of GitHub issues to address this that are in turn referenced in the following forum post:

Hope that helps.

@phillxnet. Thanks for chipping in, I was busy with my day job :slight_smile:

using the “delete-rockon” command now it’s ok

@arolli Thanks for the update and glade you now sorted.