How to upgrage from SSH

Hi all,
I can’t see to update my rockstor from the CLI, inside my company network I can’t reach
Is there any way to manually upgrade ?

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anyone can help ?
Really need to upgrade my NAS and don’t know how …

@paucorre Hello again.

A regular:

yum update

Should do the entire system bar the Rockstor bits. And if you network won’t let you open port 8999 out then you could always fetch the rockstor rpm via another network and then update it locally. Thought depending on the version you may need other rpms than the core rockstor one.

The ease of this depends on if you are on a stable subscription or not. And which variant of Rockstor you are using. We have the now legacy CentOS based one (from the current installer) and we have the openSUSE based one which doesn’t yet have an installer. I’m assuming you are on the CentOS based one. In which case to update all bar the rockstor part you may have to temporarily disable the rockstor repo as yum, as opposed to zypper, can fail all updates if only one repo is unreachable. Again we need more information on which update channel you are subscribed to in order to help more exactly.

If you run the above command it will indicate which channel you are subscribed to but will also show your Appliance ID and activation code so be careful to obscure these if you are on a stable channel and you post the results publicly on the forum.

If this instance is on Stable channel, like in your last posts here, then you can post the result to me (project maintainer, see About us) via a Private Message within the forum and I can double check if you are affected by a transition bug we had when we move to Appman for self service Stable Subscription management:

Also it would be good to post the output of the following:

yum info rockstor

to double check your current version as the latest Stable Updates channel release is 3.9.2-57, and on the testing channel side for CentOS it was 3.9.1-16 (over 2.5 years ago).

So in short a little more info and folks can point you to the exact commands to retrieve the rpms you will need from outside the network. But this also depends on the update channel you are subscribed to and how you installed this instance.

And the testing channel url is here (top dir for CentOS rpms), so if you can’t get to it via a web browser then it’s likely, as you suspect, a network issue re port 8999. But if you can then PM me with the output of that first command and I’ll double check your subscription. Though Appman can also do this to an extent.

So in short, if this does relate to your prior posts install then just PM me on the forum with the output of the first command above and I can give you instructions to retrieve, via another network, the latest rpms you will need to load locally onto that machine to do the rockstor side of the update. But temporarily disabling the rockstor yum repo will allow you to update all other packages if that is of more importance here.

Hope that helps. But it’s definitely doable with more info.

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