How to use ASUS XG-C100C nic

10G NIC (ASUS XG-C100C) how to build and install the driver manually, i have no idea how to do it
patrice,from Quebec

Hi Patrice,
welcome to the forums (saw your other post on the same topic).
First question is probably, whether you are using the Rockstor on CentOS (soon to be legacy) or using the new RockStor on OpenSuse setup.
On OpenSuse I saw some reports that the nic is supported out of the box (in some cases under Leap 15.1).
If you e.g. look here:
there are some instructions on how to build the kernel module if necessary
Also, the github repo (of the driver provides some instructions in the readme file:

If you look inside the Asus provided Linux (64-bit) package (, you will find the same/similar instructions:


That might help you to run/install it.

Good luck