How to use scrubs feature

I’m new to NAS and Rockstor so I may not always know how to do something right and I might screw something up so I just wanted to ask a quick question. How do you use disk scrubs and when and why should I use scrubs?

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Hey there! :slight_smile:

The “how”:
You can find some Rockstor-related documentation here, which will help you with setting up a scheduled scrub task.
It is really simple, you only need to give the task a name and set the Frequency of task and you’re done (if you have only one data-pool).

The “when”:
I do not think there is a definite answer to this. The recommended period is to do it once per month. Preferably, when your NAS is not under heavy load.
A more exact answer is: run it, when there is damaged data on one of the copies.
N.B.: scrubbing makes sense only on RAID levels that duplicates data.

The “why”:
To repair damaged data.

I am no btrfs expert, so I cannot give you a proper detailed answer.
At some point I went through different bits of (official and unofficial) information I could find on the internet about the topic.
In the end I decided to run it once per month.

I would have run it more frequently, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that it supposedly taxes the disks. And the more frequently you run it, the sooner they will die. However I have not verified that information.


Ok, thank you so much for your time and help!