How to use USB NTFS as last call fisk

I have installed NTFS-G3 and can ls the USB NTFS drive just fine. I see all the files etc in /mnt/win/

How can I use this as one of the disks in the Rockstar UI?

@fwinograd Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

That’s an easy one: you can’t, we are specifically btrfs based and have no plans now, or ever, to support within the Web-UI any other filesystem other than our btrfs base. Our entire code-base and feature capability is build, from the drive management up, on btrfs and it’s capabilities. No other file-system in existence has the same feature set. This massively helps us in doing what we do, but yes, this does present some hurdles to those migrating data. But as you have already seen, there is no problem with our underlying OS (openSUSE Leap) serving you as it can in this regard. And once you have created a ‘native’ pool and copied your data over (either locally or via the network), you can then wipe and add your prior-use discs to the newly created pool on-the-fly.

Hope that helps.


Okay, got it.
I do appreciate your position and can easily live with it.

Thanks so much for your quick reply.