Howto dim screen of laptop on which Rockstor is running

Hi, Rockstor has been installed on a spare laptop that I had lying around, its a Sony Vaio. It is my intention to evaluate Rockstor prior buying new hardware for it. So far all is looking good, except the laptop screen is quite dim when I am not logged on locally. Is there a easy way to control this somehow? Thank in advance for your support.

This sounds like an auto-dim feature. In the last minute or so I saw about 15-20 different threads found by using Google. Unless Im mistaken, this forum is for questions and help directly relating to the Rockstor OS. Your screen setting on your laptop is an issue to bring to Sony web forums as the screen does not dim as a direct result of Rockstor. Please correct me if Im wrong here!

Here is one of the links on your specific issue that I found in the quick search: