HOWTO: How to code rock-ons?

I’d like to study how to code rock-ons.

I’d like to work on a backup solution to hubic.

Is there information somewhere ?

From what I can see, they are standard dockers (and thus the usual dev approach to docker applies {plenty of guides out there}. The real question is, what base are the ‘Rock-On’ containers running, in order to avoid multiple bases.

You might want to look at rclone; JUST added hubic.

I’m using it on rockstor with a little script.

Thanks a lot for your input ( both of you)

with rclone, container might not be needed.

I’m still curious on how to develop UI for the Rock-ons !

Thanks again

@Etienne_Charlier Thanks for your interest in contributing Rock-ons!

Take a look at this implementation document for a high level understanding. As you’ll find out, we have plans to make it easier for contributors like you to add config manifests. The Rock-on framework can then pick them up. This is work in progress but going to happen very soon. So please stay connected with the development activitiy. I’ve been getting regular feedback about Rock-ons, I really want to incorporate user input, and would be thrilled to have more contributors.

Regardless of the current state of Rock-on framework, I recommend you get started with creating a docker image and a recipe for hubic(or whichever app you like). Test the app on a Linux machine and make sure everything works. After that, the remaining work to integrate that into Rockstor is orthogonal to what you would have done already, except may be some minor tweaks to your docker recipe. Hope this is helpful.

@Camm currently there is no base Rock-on image. Each Rock-on is completely independent.

Would you share your script with us?

I run this with cron nightly.