HP 6300 Pro Install Issue

Hi Folks,

Just about to spin up our new storage solution and checking out what will be in charge, rockstor looks great for our needs. I am also a little new around here…so go easy on my first post! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As a trial, we have an old HP 6300 Pro laying about we wanted to test this on, we created the USB stick using Rawrite32 and it boots just fine. I selected Install Rockstor but end up with a blank screen and an active cursor.

After a little reading (HERE) and (HERE) i then tried booting in both Basic Graphics mode and also dropping in the nomodeset flag, both result in the same outcomes.

I am sure, that before going to the blank screen, i did see a window pop-up momentarily showing an “Unknown Error” but it then vanished and i had my glorious blank screen back :wink:

If anyone can weigh in with any advice, tips or guidance it would be much appreciated!



I can’t help you with Rawrite32, perhaps someone should document the Rawrite steps in a forum doc or open a doc pull request. That would be really helpful to some users.

Have you tried dd for windows or could you try other options listed in the quickstart? I’d hate to see you go down the rabbit hole trying to debug blank screens and obscure errors.