HP Microserver Gen8 G1610T with high power consumption


I’m running Rockstor 3.8.14 stable on the following machine and facing ~80Watt (!) power consumption while idle, compared to different reports available on the internet this seems to be high.

• HP Microserver Gen 8 G1610T
• RAM 2GB (which was already included) + 8GB RAM (Kingston KTH-PL316E/8G) = 10GB
• 1 x Sandisk UltraPlus NB SSD 128GB - 2.5" (for Rockstor)
• 3 x 4TB SATA WesternDigital Red (WD40EFRX)

Beside the Plexmedia Server nothing is running.
CPU usage is close to 0%.

Any ideas?
Any similar issues you’re facing?


My issue is still the same…another question for you…

Are you aware of any tool that I can run within the terminal in order to analyse the overall systems in terms of energy consumption? e.g. like sisoft sandra under a Windows machine

I want to know which component sucks all the energy :disappointed_relieved:


Hello Roland,
I think your problem are the disks that never go in sleep mode
Your cpu requires about 35W (from hp specs) , the disks should require about 0.7A@12V x 4 disks = 33.6W (from internet). So you reach the total power consumption you stated

@phillxnet wrote a detailed post about sleep mode, I think it will solve your problem:

Bye the way, this is my first post in the forum, so hi all :slight_smile:


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@amattia thx for your reply and your first post :slight_smile:

After measuring the consumption again I got ~35W in total which was good and as stated in many blogs/forum - so all good! I’m not sure what went wrong the first time as I’ve check the CPU loading and it was close to zero…

Meanwhile I decided to change my CPU to a E3-1240V2 3,4GHz so much more speed and power but not much more power consumption - I’m running the whole system now with ~40W in idle mode which is perfect in my opinion :grin:

Regarding the HDD WD Red they consume only 3,3W each -> ~10W in total