HP microservers

I have been running version 3.8.14 for some time on my N36L Microserver without issue. I needed to change the installation disk and so thought I would try to install a newer version at the same time. However I ran into issues with kernel panic before the install configuration page using 3.9.1. So I installed 3.8.15 selected the testing updates channel and promptly updated to latest version 3.9.1-16 (I think) but a lot of the widgets were blank. I have now downgraded back to 3.8.16 and on upgrading again it seems to be fine. Thanks for awesome software. It would be great to have a dedicated thread to microserver installs if demand warranted.

So I had a working install as far as OS goes but when I went to connect my RAID 10 pool drives and boot, it takes ages and then I get dracut-initqueue warnings for /dev/SDA3. When I reconnect the original disk everything boots up fine again. Should I have to export the disks before moving to the new install? Sorry bit green. Any ideas?

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