HP N54L Micro 3.8.16 install problem

Hi Everyone,

I have been trying to install Rockstor onto my HP Microserver but had had trouble.

I have used rawrite to create the USB stick Sandisk micro 32gb. testing out the software with a pair of WD blue 250gb and a 128gb SSD. Sandisk micro 16gb on the internal motherboard for install target.

tried using the basic video option, pressing tab and adding nomodeset (read from another post)

It gets to the screen below and stops.

Any help would be appreciated.



getting similar issues since upgrading Rockstor onto the latest kernal, not sure wither it’s the AMD turin proc having issues with the latest 3.8 kernel or something else

same issue hier- tried 5 different usb sticks and 3 iso=>usb tools (recommended) till I saw this post here… Additional Info: as with .14 I am using a mod bios for full speed on all sata ports

Try this after pressing tab:

Worked for me, hope this help.


Worked like a charm.