Huge folder size on rockons share during copy


I wonder if anybody has experienced anything similar to this?

I have a rockons share I try to backup using duplicati, this folder is only 5.83 MB. Duplicati finds (so far) 1013541 files (128.80 TB)??

Just now it’s uploading a file that is called:

But if I go inside /source/rockons/btrfs/subvolumes/c78c2777ff49288fd20f0f6109eafce6e668b2bdb3127804ae48a0b0ae16daeb/backups/

The folder is empty!

It adds another folder from another share “openmediavault_backup” after the backups folder.


In all my shares I only have 800gb files, but duplicati finds 128TB

This is very strange, if I remove the “btrfs” folder from duplicati backup, everything workes well. Also other backup folders behave normal.

It’s not duplicati! I try to copy the folder to another directory through terminal, and it never ends. The rockons share on 5.83 MB is now in a copy over 20gb (not finished). Guess it tries to copy 128TB of never ending data. What is going on?

I guess because of the snapshots?