I am so confused on login/id creation/activation

I have installed the latest version of Rockstor and am trying to do updates per the install instructions and am being forced into this weird circle. I have created an Open collective id and got the email to verify my email (You are one click away …). I clicked that link and everything looked ok. I have now been waiting for a long time and am not getting anywhere.
I have created 2 ids because I thought I had created a problem because it went in spam folder and now I think I have been put on a spam list so they don’t send me anything else.? I have sent email to support for (kaufmans@whoever.com) to unlock this email. So I thought I would create a second id kaufmans2@verizon.net and then maybe I would get my activation code or an email saying that this step was complete. NO LUCK.
I need to know what I need to do to be considered a subscriber to updates so I can create the second id for the Appliance manager. I believe these updates are free and I should not have to pay to be on the channel correct???

Steve - total NEWBIE to NAS and Rockstor

UPDATE Version - Rockstor-Leap15.4-generic.x86_64-4.5.8-0.install.iso

UPDATE I just ran the 2 zupper commands from the console instructions so I’m not even sure if I will need these ids.
I also get a message about a repository being out of date. It went by too quick to get full message and I’m not sure where the log is kept. I’m wondering if this is really the right package for me. I am a windows person not Linux.

@Stevek Welcome to the Rockstor community forum.

I replied earlier (from rockstor support email) to what ended up coming to me on this front. As one of the admins of “The Rockstor Project”, as explained in that email we have no such list. And leave such blocks to our paid email service provider. So this part at-least is an issue with your email provider and Open Collective’s email systems. But I do see that your first id (kaufmans@whoever.com) exists and it is publicly visible here:

That account shows no Stable Updates subscription to Rockstor - hence this is still between you and Open Collective I’m afraid.

The activation code is associated with a Stable Updates subscription membership only. Which at least the above Open Collective ID does not have.

Given the kaufmans@whoever.com account when through OK, I’d stick to that one. Assuming you were able to verify that one which seems like you did from:

Sticking with this first (and above linked) Open Collective ID, it does not have registered a Stable Updates subscription membership: visible on our main Open Collective page here:

That memberships is associated with the activation code - not the Open Collective membership. The Open Collective membership is required for our open accounting given we are a non-profit registered through their systems: and fiscally hosted via Open Collective Europe.

So hopefully that helps with clearing things up. I’m afraid our docs here:


Are in need of some attention. But I did update them a little 3 days ago. But the still have old pics and some wording in need of change since our move to becoming an Open Collective.

What installer are you using? our 4.5.8-0 installers had the older instructions; where we still had a ‘shop’ that was confusing - apologies for that. But we did re-direct our old shop to the following page to try and head-off some problems:


Try installing using one of our recently uploaded installers 5.0.9-0 from:


They have the newer instructions on getting an activation code after first getting a “Stable Updates subscription”.

Correct for all upstream (openSUSE) updates, and correct for the testing channel. But our Stable Updates channel is how we help fund the project: and is a paid service via the above mentioned Open Collective membership. Kind of currated updates intended more for production. Above doc link explains this (even given some outdated pics).

Are OK, yes that is are older installer with the ‘confusing link to our old shop’ again sorry about that.

Again - try our 5.0.9-0 based downloadable installers: they have the newer instructions and you are not then given quite such a run-around. We had a lot of modernisation to do with only a very small team: this lead to our installers ageing adversely. And the move to a non-profit took it’s toll on the team re efforts redirected. But worth it as we are almost all sorted in our new home now.

There is absolutely no need to subscribe to either channel: if the installer version works for you then dandy. But I would still go with the new installer: it is way way more updated from the get-go. Plus there is a massive number of updates from our side between 4.5.8-0 to 5.0.9-0: they are both Stable Release candidates: but the latter is form the most recent testing channel, where as the former is form our prior testing channel. All initial stale rpms first appear in the testing channel first. But if you subscribe to the Stable channel you will only then get updated form that channel: where-as the testing channel, once it has reached the first (last RC candidate) it will simply roll-over to the very next testing which will likely be broken for a while as we settle in new technologies.

But again, start afresh with one of our new installers: they are way more up-to-date and based on current (and future) Leap versions. Where as 4.5.8-0 is based on Leap 15.4 which is now EOL.

Yes, that is the Leap 15.4 EOL haunting your system: as this is a new install, and you are now familiar, and have hopefully not yet set too much up, you can re-install using a newer installer, or you can follow the following howto of ours recently published:


But it needs 5.0.9-0, so you might as well go the fresh install form our new downloadable installers.

Given the new installer a try: it’s subscription process is updated regarding our Open Collective. But again you don’t have to subscribe to either of our channels: and what you get in that installer is 5.0.9-0 (RC4) currently anyway. The Web-UI basically looks the same: but has received massive updates under-the-hood as that was our focus for this current (soon to end) testing phase.

Let us know here how it goes, and well done for navigating our issues there. Mostly cleared up now hopefully. Our transition to a non-profit was always planned (by me) but was rather forced upon us by some unfriendly changes at our old shop (Shopify) so we had to make some quick changes that left some of our instructions out-dated. Existing Stable subscribers would have been able to use their existing credentials to have then gotten the update: but testing was a bit rough for a while there as the transition came as we were just nearing our 4.6.1-0 stable development. But we are not just nearing our 5.1.0-0 development: i.e. testing is in the last throws of making our first stable release in 5.x.x-x.

Hope that helps, and in short: try the new installer and see if it makes more sense. We have plans to imporove our docs but as always it is a matter of human resources re contributors: where the Stable Updates subscriptions help, as does code/doc contributions. But bit by bit and I’m glad you persevered thus far. Take a looks at the links above and see what you think. And if you end up going the ‘Stable Updates subscription membership’ route and you end up having email problems: then PM me here on the forum and I will look to them.


WOW thanks for all the help. I will look for the new version and install it.


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OK I have installed 15.6 and now that I understand I just picked the development updates for now as I am just testing Rockstor at the moment. I have a lot of data all over the place and it would be nice but maybe I’m better to make one big windows PC with everything on it.

When I have a minute I’ll chose the prod side and test the doc. I’ll let you know.

OH I just went and did it. Here is the new text you pointed me to and my suggested update…

Legacy Shop Info

You are likely viewing this page via an outdated email or Rockstor Web-UI.

We no longer use shop.rockstor.com.

The Rockstor Project is now an Open Collective Non-Profit/Non-Business. > To support our project a small donation is required to obtain Stable fixes. Development fixes are free.

To Activate Stable updates.

Please follow these updated steps.

Steps 1 & 2 will each send confirmation / information emails.

1:- Become a “Stable Updates subscription” contributor / member at our Open Collective .

2:- Enter / Edit / Check your Current Appliance ID in your Appliance ID manager Appman.

3:- Enter your Activation code, emailed by Appman immediately after step 2.

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