I can't figure out how to make bootable USB

Hello everyone I trying to make a bootable usb on my macbook air. I have tried figuring out hdiutil convert -format UDRW -o ~/path/to/Rockstor.img ~/path/to/Rockstor-3.8-10.iso but I can’t seem to figure out how to use that. I’ve used the terminal to make a mac os bootable usb before but I can’t seem to make it work this time around. I tried the suggested exe on windows and that did not work the pc i am using doesn’t recognize it as an os installer. just says select boot media.
I have the latest rockstor 3.9.1.iso and a 16 gig stick. i got the pc to recognize the os as bootable using power iso but that gave me an error dracut-initqueue [571] /dev/root does not exist.

@Slink Welcome to the Rockstor community.

The iso image ‘as is’ needs no additional treatment, it just needs to be imaged directly to a usb key.

Have you seen the “Making a Rockstor USB install disk” sub-section of our Quick start docs page? There is a section that deals with Mac OS X in this regard. There is also a GUI options section that has suggestions for Linux and Windows.

Do take care with those commands as they can easily wipe the contents of any disk you specify.

Hope that helps.

I use Etcher (etcher.io) it works on most linux distros, Winows and MAC.

Thanks for the replies, i have managed to figure out how to use the dd script on my mac and successfully write the iso to my usb. New problem now though, my pc says to insert boot media. I tried and tried and tried yesterday to get this to work and yes i have visited the quick start making a usb page.

I got so frustrated that i tried writing freenas os to my usb stick and that worked. I was able to install freenas but I do want to try out Rockstor for comparison.


Ps. I have not tried Etcher.io but i will give that a try

Many American Linux users use dd to make a bootable USB, even if it works in Windows.But it’s not easy for new users.I prefer to use some methods from Google ,

I have to use Rufus software to make the bootable USB. It is the best software I’m also using this software its really great software for me. Hope it helps