I don't use Rockons. Ever. Until now

I guess this is a User Story…?

Ok, so I’m quite adamant that a NAS is a NAS. It stores data. Its on my network. Its there to store files. Nothing else.

Well I was quite adamant about that, until today. Now my NAS does other things.

My household (2 adults and 4 kids) are avid consumers of digital media, online, offline, everyline. Logitech Media Server and Jellyfin have been heavily used staple diets for a while, served up from a RaspberryPi without issue.

Oh look, there are Rockons for both of them. Hmmm. Ok, I will try them out. It wont work. Im old-school.

It does work, and very well. So, from this weekend everyone in this house is using Rockstor for their in-house media habits.