Idea: show job status in dashboard

Just something I’d find helpful: a tile on the dashboard that shows scrub and balance progression. They can run for quite a long time so that would be helpful.
It is just an idea, there are surely more important tasks :wink:

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I completely agree with you and is something I too would like to see and thought about. This is an area of Rockstor with which I’m not that familiar however, so I pushed it as a later endeavor if I can get to it–and if nobody attacks it before that.
@phillxnet is the best resource to discuss feasibility of the task (no pun intended), but I’m very interested in the idea as well. More specifically, we already have feedback on progress of a few tasks like these, but I’m not sure it would be as simple as centralizing them on the dashboard.

It is just a nice to have, so I wouldn’t devote too much energy to this.