I'm stable again

Just a post to say thanks for continuing to keep Rockstor such a quality product.
I have just got my head around the Open Collective thing to renew my stable subscription, which ended yesterday. Somehow I was on Testing, even though I had a subscription.
Things seemed to happen as they should with the Open Collective process, although it did take a few attempts before the activation code was accepted in Rockstor itself. However, I got there in the end.
So, although I have taken a step back from active participation on here, Rocky remains very much active and stable as my home NAS.
Thanks folks.


@GeoffA Thanks for the kind words and glad your sorted again. Mostly.

Are yes, I’m currently working on Appman as it goes, and I’m pretty sure I’ve now fixed this. And I know the cause of what you have seen here. But the fixed version of the code is till not in production: hopefully later today or soon there-after.

Let me know via Private Message (PM) here on the forum the Appliance ID you experienced this with. And I’ll get this intermittency resolved in this case. The global resolution should come along with a follow-up after me getting the newer Open Collective integration in place (my current task).

Cheers. And again, thanks for the continued project support. Much appreciated.