Incomplete support in BTRFS

I am seeing this message on the Shares Dashboard.

Share size enforcement is temporarily disabled due to incomplete support in BTRFS. Until this status changes, the effective size of a Share is equal to the size of the Pool it belongs to.

Detailed step by step instructions to reproduce the problem

Only shows up when I am on Shares Dashboard

Web-UI screenshot


Error Traceback provided on the Web-UI


Hi @alexmesfin I don’t believe that this is an error, but simply an informational banner for every user. Currently its not possible to enforce set share sizes as this is not yet implemented in BTRFS. Consequently any share will have the same effective size of the pool to which it belongs, even if you set a size in the share creation screen: It’s basically ignored.
Once the upstream BTRFS code is ‘fixed’ to allow share size enforcement, then I’m sure this will eventually filter its way into the mainstream Rockstor code.
That’s my take on this one and there’s no doubt more to it: I’m sure @phillxnet or @Flox will be able to provide a more expert knowledgeable response.


@alexmesfin What @GeoffA said basically.

Although we did initially have this capability enabled, the quote system in btrfs at the time, a few years ago, was too young to work reliably this way so we just changed our code to not enforce quotas. We will likely re-address this in our next major testing channel drive in Rockstor 4 as it has a far newer kernel / btrfs user land and the btrfs quota system has been much improved in the mean time.

Hope that helps.