Increasing File System

Hi i just started using RockStor and love it, However i am having issues increasing the file system and shares . I have added 4 more disk to a raid 10 array using p410 hp controller, the controller shows the Logical drive being bigger with the space added, however i can not increase the partition or filesystem.

Any help would be appreciated

Well, I think the underlying assumption of rockstor is, that you’d use software raid, as that allows for more btrfs-magic. However, I’d assume that you should be able to resize your pool on the commandline using

btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt2/<name-ofyour-pool>

It’s just a guess though. You can/must use that command while the pool is mounted (btrfs-magic).

yes i have tryed that and no errors but the size remained the same :frowning:

/dev/sdb 430025624 142960060 286262788 34% /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers

[root@iscsi-001-atl ~]# btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers
Resize ‘/mnt2/Enterprise-Servers’ of ‘max’
[root@iscsi-001-atl ~]# btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers
Resize ‘/mnt2/Enterprise-Servers’ of 'max

will software raid add better performance?

unlikely. Just better maintainability, but I am not a system administrator. Maybe somebody else can give some proper arguments, all I know is, that NAS distributions like FreeNAS, with very advanced filesystems encourage the use of software raid. Haven’t seen anything on the rockstor pages, but the same reasoning would apply.

I’d try to see if the size is actually correctly reported on system level e.g. by fdisk -l, which should list all your connected disks (or raid arrays in your case). Also (maybe) interesting:
btrfs fi usage /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers

@Allen_Ford Can you try with exact size instead of max?

btrfs filesystem show /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers

btrfs filesystem resize +200M /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers

Does it make any difference?

after a restart i see that the drive took all the space , then i increased the pool by running the max command,
btrfs filesystem resize max /mnt2/Enterprise-Servers

and it worked… even though the GUI doesn’t read it correctly, i do see more available space