Individual IP address for Rock-ons

There are many situations where having an actual proper IP address for a Rock-on is essential. This something that is fully supported in Docker and could be implemented in Rock-ons.


I’d like to do that for the nextcloud. I don’t know how many people do what I do… but I would have an internal dns server point to the private ip when within the network, and an external vps for the general internet. I can then nat a weird external port to the internal ip:443, and reverse proxy it. Doing it this way means my laptop can access the server the same wither it be internal or external. Without having rockstor itself run on a non-standard port.

I’m going to try just running it on a non-standard port and skip the vps for now.

I’m the same. It’s easy for services coming from outside your network, you can just us HA Proxy, Apache or Nginx to reverse proxy services but internal is another matter. The problem I’ve found is that Crashplan is unusable internally because you can’t tell the client which IP to use on the internal network and it’s defaulting to the Docker internal IP which is unreachable.