Initrock fails on vanilla CentOS + solution


I’m having a bit of trouble installing. I used the rockstor repo to install onto a vanilla Centos install. Installation went fine, but initrock isn’t successful. It repeats the line:

exception occured while running update_issue. Perhaps rc.local ran before it should have. Trying again after 2 seconds

about 25 times or so, and then errors out.

If anyone else runs into this, it turns out it was the firewall… so either open port 55414, or disable it altogether.

Thanks for the dicussion and +1 for posting the solution

I am curious why you installed Rockstor on vanilla centos instead of just installing it from the iso file?

I installed on vanilla because I needed access to the cli in order to install UrBackup on the system since the whole purpose of this system is for backups. I’m using Rockstor to easily handle creating/managing the btrfs shares, and UrBackup to handle the backup processes. UrBackup has to be installed local to the btrfs shares in order to use the btrfs system calls for snapshotting. I suppose I could have just created the shares myself, but I thought it would be a little simpler from a gui and the dashboard widgets would be useful for monitoring system performance and usage.

I am guessing that you mean access to the shell when you say cli access. Rockstor, in the spirit of being FOSS, does not prevent you from doing pretty much anything :). You most certainly have terminal access, you can just ssh like you would to a centos machine or hook up a monitor if you like.

It may be easier on you to go the other way around, where you install custom rpms and such on Rockstor. just my opinion.

Glad to know that you are using UrBackup. We’d like to provide builtin support for apps(aka Rockons) and UrBackup is on the list.

Good to know! I didn’t realize that. Glancing at the documentation it just looked like an appliance login with only a few pre-configured options available. Although, my other reason was to see if it would work with the 3.19 kernel. :slight_smile: