Instalation Help - Pools, Shares, Plex

Hello All,

I have a install on a DL380 G8 (12 Slot ), 420i in HBA mode. The core (Rockstor-3.9.1) is installed on a PCI SSD. I have 6 3TB drives currently installed with 2-3 slots for expansion at a later date. Plans are to add some 2tb drives for a data array and a disk for ip video.

I have read and watched several videos, on the set up and i’m a bit confused on were certain files should reside.

The only files on the ssd is the install, I started to install rockon-root to this disk but deleted it and here I am.

On the 6, 3TB drive I want to use this as a plex media data area. Should I create a pool with all 6 disks and then create a rockon-root share, plex-config, plex-data in this area? I’ve read that the only thing on the OS drive should be to OS. I did not see a way to select all 6 disks and size a 20gb or so rockon-root and so on. Can the rockon-root be installed on the OS disk and then use the 6 3tb for plex-config, and plex-data?

I also understand that raid 5,6 is not yet supported, Has anyone had issues using them vs raid 10?

Sorry if this is a redundant thread. Greenhorn coming from a Xpenology box. And little knowledge on these platforms.

Hi @NoHFF2104,

This kind of misses the point of Rockstor. I’d suggest that you create a pool from the available disks, and then use ‘shares’ (Rockstor lingo for BTRFS subvolumes) to divvy up your data as required.

Yes, this would be the ideal situation.

This is supposed to be handled using BTRFS qgroups, allowing the Rockstor UI to set quotas on individual shares. At this point, BTRFS quota management is not in a state suitable of doing this, so the quotas are not enforced.
This means that none of the shares in your pool are restricted in size, which (barring edge cases) should not be a problem.

I believe you can put the shares onto any pool you like (including the OS pool), but I wouldn’t do it.
Follow the docs, and put your rockon, data and config shares on a data pool, not the OS pool.

People have different experiences with this, and it’s a very opinionated topic in the BTRFS community, however RAID5/6 are known and documented to be unstable with BTRFS, I strongly suggest you avoid it and stick to RAID10.

Failing that, make sure you’ve got a very good UPS, and have services configured to ensure that your system shuts down on detection of power loss to the UPS.

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