Install a GUI on my Rockstor

Hi guys,

I would like to install a GUI on my Rockstor media server.
I tried Gnome and KDE but I have the same issue with both.
I tried on a new installation on a VM … Same issue too :

When I restarted the server I have had this screen with “No license found”
If I “Finish the configuration”, the server restart and I have this screen again.
On my new installation on the VM, I success to have my account open on KDE but after restart … This screen appear.

Actually my server running on : “Rockstor version: 3.9.1-16”
And my VM on “3.9.1”

With my server I received an email :

reason: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/etc/sysctl.d/99-rockstor.conf’
cmdline: /usr/bin/python /opt/rockstor/bin/flash-optimize -x
executable: /opt/rockstor/bin/flash-optimize
package: rockstor-3.9.1-16
component: rockstor
pid: 3337
hostname: tzanahome
count: 13
abrt_version: 2.1.11
analyzer: Python
architecture: x86_64
duphash: bc5f9f89b33415b71efd3751452f8c736368071d
kernel: 4.12.4-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64
last_occurrence: 1516666378
os_release: Rockstor release 3.8.16 (Core)
pkg_arch: x86_64
pkg_epoch: 0
pkg_fingerprint: 032B 764D 0879 5B09
pkg_name: rockstor
pkg_release: 16
pkg_vendor: RockStor, Inc.
pkg_version: 3.9.1
runlevel: unknown
time: Sun 21 Jan 2018 08:01:43 PM CET
type: Python
uid: 0
username: root
uuid: bc5f9f89b33415b71efd3751452f8c736368071d

I hope you have any idea about my issue because I need this GUI.
Or any alternative idea than Gnome and KDE maybe.

Thank you

Best regards

I’ll spare you the “why on earth would you want to do that” speech.

It appears as though the EULA is missing in the gnome/kde packages.
This prevents you from being able to accept the license, which then prevents you being able to use the GUI.

Some internet people have suggested disabling all initial-setup units.
Here’s a one liner that might sort you out.

for unit in $(systemctl list-units|grep redis|awk '{print $1}'); do echo -n "Disabling $unit... " && systemctl disable $unit && echo "Done" || echo "Failed"; done

Then reboot.

That said, it’s generally bad practice to run a GUI on a *nix server, and I dare say is not a supported configuration.

Also, I lied at the start. why on earth would you want to do that?

Hi Haioken,

Thank you for you help, I will test this tonight.

I Have the answer to your big question :smiley: :
Because my server is in my living room next to my computer.
I have a video projector too.

Every night, I start my computer connected to the video projector to launch the browser with plex and look my movies and show on my Rockstor. But is it stupid to have my media center + my computer started I think. And my server is a very good machine with sound card etc … so I can directly connect my video projector and my home cinema to my server.

Other exemple : Every night I start my computer to launch the music on my plex server … stupid too I think . I would like to install a small tactil screen connected to my server to launch my music when I’m back to work :slight_smile:

If you have some idea to suggest, i’m open :slight_smile:

Thank you

Hi @Tzana,

I can certainly see where you’re coming from, however I would suggest that as Plex is designed to run as a client -> server model, it should probably not be run on the same system.

Perhaps something like an Intel NUC, or Nvidia Shield, with plex app installed might be more suited to your application? (I run a shield, previously an MSI Cubi I5, NUC compatible)
Both of these options are designed to be small, and reasonably low power consumption.

I would honestly advise against running a UI on something designed to be run as a headless server.

The Nvidia Shield I find a particularly good option because:

  • The shield has a high core count GPU capable of local transcoding, which avoids taking up valuable resources on your server, meaning more rockons!
  • It has native remote control support, and comes with a small, sleek and functional remote
  • It’s built on Android, which means it can accept casted content

Ultimately, it’s up to you, but it feels dirty, and not in the good way.

I’d like to +1 what @Haioken said, Rockstor is meant as a server, I’d advice against giving it a double role as a desktop as well. Personally, I run the Plex Rock-on on the server (which is in a room upstairs), and use a Chromecast for playback. No (possibly noisy) computers near my TV.

Thank you guys for your feedbacks.
I’m thinking about an other solution finally.
Unfortunately I can’t use the Chromecast with my video projector because the Chromecast takes the picture and the sound … And the sound on the video projector is very bad and I have a better speaker.

Does the projector have an audio out that you could run a cable from towards your receiver or whatever plays your sound?

Somewhat related: personally I’m quite happy with my receiver that has a bunch of HDMI inputs to which I hook up various things, and one HDMI output which goes towards the TV - of course I don’t know your setup and/or budget, but most receivers nowadays can do this, and it makes things so much easier. Might be something to look into.

it’s nice to see someone else as mad as I am.

there’s not always a rockon for what I want, and to have a remote access to the GUI (couldn’t find how to do it so far)

for the interface, I put mate yum groupinstall “MATE Desktop” -y
used CTRL ALT F3 to access TTY
systemctl isolate (to have command line and graphical possible)
systemctl disable initial-setup-graphical.service
systemctl disable initial-setup-text
systemctl set-default (start in command line)
startx to start the Mate graphical interface

sometimes there is a glitch but it’s not perfect science