Install fails before GUI setup starts "unknown error"

I have been at this for about 5 hours, finally got to the GUI install section for date and time etc, after rebooting and my drives on the LSI controller are disconnected. used various ISO’s currently back on 3.8-14 and installed to an SSD on the mainboard Intel controller. Is this a known BUG

LSI drives have Data on them but could not remove easily as had trouble even getting Darik’s Boot and Nuke to load.

Although , will use this thread as log to maybe help others if i continue to find issues. Will boot with array connected soon.

Ok next issue to be resolved.
Booted system ok with lsi drives connected, want to create pool but create pool button is greyed out.
Any suggestions gratefully received… Drives still have data on them.

Added two old drives formated as NTFS. booted up and hey presto the create group button is now working…
so guess we need to format all drives before adding them to the installation