Install of 3.9.1 fails, can't upload rdsosreport.txt

Install of 3.9.1 fails to Ryzen mini ITX motherboard.
I get the error “Warning: dracut-initqueue timeout - starting timeout scripts”
I have the requested file “rdsosreport.txt”, but I don’t see how to attach/upload it.
When I try to drop the file, it complains that only jpg files are allowed.

I remade the boot usb drive using rufus in dd mode and it’s now installing.
I’d still like to know how to upload a txt file.

@mfarmwald Welcome to the Rockstor community and glad you sorted your boot issue via rufus.

Our Making a Rockstor USB install disk doc section has some more pointers on options that have and haven’t worked in the past.

To your:

We pretty much follow discourse’s (our forum software) defaults and I’m assuming it can validate jpg files more reliable than it can txt files and so rejects the latter as a result. Presumably as a security measure.

Apologies for the inconvenience but it should be possible to paste entries of logs between lines containing only ``` that way it will format them more appropriately.

Hope that helps in the future and well done for retrieving the rdsosreport.txt in the first place.