Install on a Raid5 Intel w'ont start after install

Hello, I’m new here, I’m try to install on a Asus MB system with intel Raid5 and 4x2TB disks with 2 volumes.

The installation go to the end, and on 1st boot it hangs with a time out with no end.

Anny issue abought that?

I Get the post

[ok] Started Show Plymuth Boot Screen
[ok] Reached target Paths
[ok] Reached target Basic System
[ok] Mounted Configuration File System.
dracut-initqueue[343]: warning: … starting timeout scripts
[ok] Started dracut initqueue hook.
Starting dracut pre-mount hook…
[ok] Reached target Remote File Systems (pre).
[ok] Reached target Remote File Systems.
[ok] Started dracut pre-mount hook.
[ **** ] A start job is running for dev-mapper-rockstor_rocksotor\x2droot.device (1h…/ no limit)

Can I get help

Do you have a separate disk for rockstor?

No, I made 2 volumes on Intel Raid5 and I install Rockstor on the 1st volume. In the installation I just selecte the 1st Volume and make automatic configuration. The install go all de way to the end, and on the reboot hang with that error.

Why are trying to use BTRFS over a firmware RAID? There are no advantages and you’re really just asking for issues.

I’m guessing that mdadm isn’t being setup by rockstor’s installer correctly to find that array. The devs here would know that better though.

I understand your issue. The idea was to build a low cost NAS for the company but the IT want to make the NAS over the same machine that have an on-board Intel sata Raid. And he want that Intel RAID working with 2 volumes, One for the System and the other for the Storage taking advantage for the Raid 5 on-board, the Linux must only see the 2 volumes, like 2 hard disks… Didn’t work… and I had to make a workaround ( new system) so I install CENTOS and WEBMIN and use the Intel RAID for 2 volumes une 20GB and other 5.4TB Install system on Vol1 and WEBMIN detect the 5.4TB like a normal volume, create the Accounts and SBM Share and is working, a lot of more configurations and thins to configure but is working.
I do not forgot RockStor, I will install in a machine at home to see and test. But for now is resolved. I hope in my 2nd attempt there are no issues :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot you all for Support
Pedro Gueifão - PT-PT