Install VMware Tools on latest v4?

Hi, I’ve installed [Rockstor-Leap15.3-generic.x86_64-4.1.0-0.install.iso] on VMware ESXi 6.7

How can I best install VMware Tools? yum install open-vm-tools doesn’t work.


Hello again @MRC-MBU,

The yum utility in Rockstor v4 is only used for fetching packages changelogs. What you are looking for to install additional packages is the openSUSE package manager zypper.
In your case, the following should do the trick:

zypper install open-vm-tools

Hope this helps,

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ah, it may be that I can’t reach the repos as I’ve not configured /etc/sysconfig/proxy correctly.

I edited the above file to add in http:/[proxy ip address]:3128 where it seemed appropriate but no joy.

Any particular advice?

First, I assume that the single / in your message is just a typo :wink: . I’ve never had to setup a Proxy on Leap 15.3 but I presume you are very close to the solution. Others may chip in if they have experience in doing so, but the following SUSE ticket may provide some answers:

Please edit /etc/sysconfig/proxy with the following proxy values

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hi, yes, the single / is a typo…

and I found that suse ticket. Ok, will what I can do.

Otherwise, is there any reason not to download the open-vm-tools from Rockstor and run a local install?

Thanks for your help!

Good luck, then… I’m not sure whether or not zypper is one of those applications that require a reboot to take that new proxy setting; it might be worth a try if you haven’t already.

Otherwise, what is the exact error you get when you try to run zypper in open-vm-tools or zypper ref? Is it all HTTP traffic that fails?

yes, fairly standard error messages that the repos can’t be reached. VM is off at the moment or I’d get exact text.

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I found my error in the proxy.conf and am able to install the open-vm-tools, thanks



OK, so what was it. I’m curios now. Was it just the need for two forward slashes?

We could do with a proxy setup doc section actually. Fancy opening a doc issue for that here:

With maybe a quick run-down on how you got it working. Others, or you in you fancy, could then pop in a new section to the docs on how this is done in our new v4 base.



yeah, my mistake was I didn’t set PROXY_ENABLED=“yes” !

I’ll open a doc issue for this and for a clear guide on configuring a static ip for a fresh install.