Installation crash


I am trying to install rockstor on my new system, but it keeps crashing after the disk format step.


Processor: Intel 6300T
Motherboard: X11SSH-LN4F
Ram 8gb ecc
Disks:1 120GB SSD, 4 3tb WD RED

Second Attempt:
Lenovo TS440: Installation to the usb 3.0 flash took 25 hours

Third Attempt:
Intel Atom Machine: Gave up after 30+ hour installation.

Am I doing something wrong ??


Normally an installation is pretty fast.

My machine does it in less than half an hour. More like 15 minuttes.

I have found that disconnecting all drives, but the boot drive during installation, can speed up the disk discovery function very much.

After installation i reconnect the data drives, and configure Rockstor to use them for my pool, and everything works fine.

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