Installation fails at multipath libs

I am attempting to install the rockstor 3.8.16 image on an i3 4130 system with 4 GB of RAM.

I am installing from a kingston 2 GB USB to a 32 GB sandisk cruzer. The USB image was created using rawrite32.

Installation boots up fine, allows me to select time zone, installation source, etc. However, once I click install, it reaches a point and sends me the message:

A software marked for installation failed to install “multipath-libs.” Has anyone seen this issue or can maybe point me in the correct direction? I really don’t want to use another NAS alternative, but I’m having a rough time figuring this part out.

I should mention that I’m currently downloading 3.8.15 to test this installer as well.

Just an update to all. This was corrected by removing my Sans Digital towerraid SAS connection to the server whiel the installation was performed.

@dpunique Hello and welcome to the Rockstor community forum.
Thanks for the update, yes Rockstor isn’t yet ‘familiar’ with multipath setups and it looks like the CentOS inherited installer can’t get the required libs, which is a little odd.

Good to know and thanks again for sharing your findings and workaround.