Installation issues using DVD and USB

Hi there, I’m keen to try this out and have a home built box that I can install this on to use as a NAS.
However, no matter what I try I am unable to get a successful installation, either on this home built box or a Lenovo Laptop. Used the Laptop to try and establish if it was my home built box or not.
I get the following error not long after starting the install:

dracut-initqueue timeout /dev/root does not exist

I have tried using a DVD burnt using standard Windows 10 burner, using an add on burner in Windows 10
Using Fedora’s Live USB and the latest Rufus, all produce this error on both my laptop and the home built box.
I have installed operating systems on both before, the laptop does not have a DVD, bu the home built box can use either DVD or USB for installs and has been fine in the past.

Is there a application I need to use to make the DVD, or is there something in both machines hardware causing this issue?
The home built box is probably a good 5 years old and has had a variety of operating systems installed, ubuntu, fedora, windows, Zentyal, FreeNAS etc… It’s a play box.

EDIT: I might add I have tried both download sources as well in case there is some corruption, the installer DVD / USB test fine.

Thanks, any help is much appreciated!

Regards Peter.

got similar problems but then found this:


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Creating installation media requires a specific process to follow. Just be advised that when I tried to create media for rockstor first time around, both memory sticks were broken and I was going in circles trying to figure out what was wrong !

Realy broken, or only Windows tell´s that is it?
I got every SD Card/USB-Stick back to live with this tool:

Important is to enable the “Format Size Ajustmene” in options. Good luck!

Windows would not tell that it’s broken because those dumb mem stick have a spare sector pool allocator for FAT / FAT32 exFAT … but if you burn image or use “dd” they will actually expose their true sector make up … So even your tool would mask the real problem :*