Installation issues

Hey guys!

A while ago I saw someone on here used an AM1 setup and decided to get another box with this hardware (my HTPC runs off this). Using a 5350 and a with 8GB of 2133 (running at 1600)

I am currently testing with two dying 160GB drives, but bought 2X3TB (need to pick them up).

I’ve tried using Rufus/Rawrite/LiveCD creator and all of these options are throwing issues when I try to install the OS to a 8 GB USB2.0 drive from a 4GB one.

I’ve now experienced yumpackage and other .py errors the moment I try to actually install Rockstor onto the 8GB USB.

I’ve disabled all the fast boot/UEFI boot, changes everything to OTHER OS and legacy in bios.

Any thoughts? Should I find a DVD drive and go this route? Is there something I am missing?

Any help would be amazing!

i made one fine the other day using dd. just be absolutely sure you are choosing your usb stick when pointing to your /dev/sdX device. pick the wrong one and kiss any data on that disk buhbye.


 dd if=/path/to/my/iso.iso of=/dev/sdX bs=4M

here is a link about it too.

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When using rufus to create the install USB: Did you use writing in ISO oder in DD mode?
I found that write in ISO mode leads into problems. So use DD mode.

Have you read our quickstart guide?