Installation on a USB RAID1 could works?

Hi everyone and @khanh (I hook you up from(System Drive Performance Boost: M.2 Drive vs USB 3.0 - #2 by khanh))

So I tried several time to install Rockstor on 2 perfectly identical Kingston DataTraveler SE9 G2 (16GB, USB 3.0) which run without issue CentOS7 (RAID1 on XFS) and FreeNAS (ZFS Mirror), so I believe it’s not the USB stick the issue.

I also try to install on only one USB Stick with same issue

The issue is; after a very long installation (almost an hour) I never able to reboot and Rockstor (CentOS) complain about some missing mountpoint.

Now just to mention this is also happen if I use the unattended installation (which use the Rockstor partition scheme).

I would like some output from users use Rockstor on usb

  • if they made partition
  • if they try RAID

Thank you

Hi @jodumont,

I’m having some difficulty finding information on this, however I have my suspicions that you won’t be able to boot a BTRFS raid without a seperate device to jumpstart it (with grub installed) and an extensive initrd able to read and understand the BTRFS raid.

I think that as a result, you’ll need an mdraid with BTRFS on top as a partition.
I personally wouldn’t even attempt this with USB disks, but if you want to give it a try, there is a rather long and arduous process already documented for installing the rockstor_rockstor BTRFS volume onto an mdraid.

See here.