Installation on multiple disks

Consider a host with 4 disk.
I run the installer and select all 4 disks with automatic partitioning.
Is the installer able to deal that?
How is it going to partition and use the 4 disks?

I’m trying to do that on virtual machine but the installer (anaconda) crashes.

@sirio81 Welcome to the Rockstor community.

No not really. Rockstor inherits the CentOS installer and lightly ‘skins’ it and uses a light kickstart configuration. But the installer can do a lot of stuff that Rockstor, once installed, doesn’t understand: ie multi path and non btrfs system disk etc. It’s a bit of a weakness ‘as is’ and hopefully we can constrain / customise it more in the future. Rockstor itself only needs the installer to do the system disk so go with the defaults as per the system disk install and ignore all data disks and then once you have a Rockstor install and have gone through the initial first screen which establishes the ‘admin’ user the Rockstor UI can deal with preparing the data disks which are preferred as ‘raw’ un-partitioned disks which virtually all installers don’t want to deal with anyway. I.e. Rockstor defaults and suggests that one use ‘whole disk’ btrfs as then we have less levels of complexity.

Essentially one disk / USB stick / SSD is expected to be the system drive and all other disks are potentially data disks and become so once they are assigned to a btrfs pool of disks (a volume in btrfs speak). So with 4 disks total one is the system disk and 3 would be up for data pool creation.

Hope the helps. Definitely something that needs work but all in good time and bit by bit.